Breanna Imse

Brea Imse

Madison, WI


Brea skis with the Wonder Lake Water Ski Show Team. In shows, she barefoots, swivels, jumps, and participates in pyramids, ballet, doubles, and pre-fabs. While she is dying to ski professionally, she has only skied on several amateur teams, but loves it! Brea has been awarded the Jennifer Dibble/ Michelle Cook Best Female Skiers Division 2 in 2011, was Central Region Swivel Champion in 2016, the NSSA Volunteer of the Year Award in 2016, won third place in the open division for Flaunt It Whirled Cup 2016, placed second in swivel at Central  Regionals, received best Female Performer 2017, and many more team awards and Knotty Girl awards!


“I’d like to thank my Father, Mike Imse, who gave me the passion and interest to ski. I remember when I was younger (4-5 years old), I used to wait by the window every day for my dad to pull into the drive way and say ” Let’s go to ski practice!”  Growing up, I spent as much time as I could In the Northwoods, skiing on Big Portage Lake. I love my family’s friendly competition of “being the best.” Little does my family know, I can safely say now “I own the belt!


I’d also like to thank the many contributing waterskiing legends. Being a long-time member of Mad-City, I was able to ski with the many stars that pushed the sport. If you know Mad- City, then you know it’s all about the swivel skiing. I was able to watch Kristen Heilman, Laura Bernstein, Ann Tieman, and the Straub sisters evolve right in front of me, and I was able to ski next to them! (A big shout out to Knotty Girl for letting us swivelers Flaunt It these days!!) Now skiing for Wonder Lake, I have a whole new drive to become a better all-around skier. Sometimes saying “no” is just the right answer to land you in that barefoot or jump act you’re scared to death of. The skiers of Wonder Lake share a unique bond that make you push it to the limit!”